Work With Me

10 Day Full Body Detox

• Detoxify and cleanse the digestive system
• Reduce inflammation in the body
• Promote weight loss
• Improve gut health
• Balance blood sugar

REGAIN Control Coaching Package

A 4-Week jump start towards building your superman body starting from the inside.

You start with my 10 Day Cleanse, and from there get an individualized and custom health and nutrition plan that details step-by-step instructions for your lifestyle transformation and success.

Get meal plans, recipes, supplement guide and start feeling good about yourself right now.

Complete Control Coaching Package

Don’t leave your health and vitality up to chance. Get an in-depth custom 8-Week Nutritional & Lifestyle Program designed specifically for you.

We dive deep into your health concerns, and co-create a road map that will help you manage and reverse symptoms from within. No more cookie cutter diet programs, or medical band-aids.

Gain complete control over your health, vitality and strength in all areas of your life.

Total Transformation Coaching Package

You no longer want to be overweight, have low libido or unable to keep up with your kids without getting winded. Maybe your’e on a regimen of prescriptions drugs, and are thinking to yourself ” there just has to be another way”.

For 12-Weeks, we go through a total health transformation and together turn your life around. We look at what the root cause of your symptoms and ailments are, and work together to correct them. We transform your life, and give you back what you once had or what you’ve always wanted.

Let’s go on this journey together.

Personal Training

Are you ready to build a strong body? As a father, I know how heavy that car seat with a baby in it can be. Or how about carrying your kid on your shoulders?

No matter your fitness level, I’ll design a workout regimen based your individual goals. Together, we’ll get you from your point A to your point B.

You’ll reap all the benefits that come with having a strong formidable body.