About Me

My Story – A glimpse of my life

My name is O’Neil Fitzgerald Anderson Jr. (no I’m not Irish, at least not directly). My family is from a Caribbean island, known as Jamaica. I was born and raised in Boston, MA. I now currently reside in New York, with my wife Katherine and our two son’s, Bryce and Troy.

Health and wellness had not been a major part of my life growing up. Let’s just say my diet consisted of “Little Debbie” cakes, candy, guzzlers, fast food and some heavy duty Caribbean “rice an peas and oxtail” (my mom makes the best oxtails hands down!). Thank goodness for sports! I played football and basketball throughout high school and ultimately landed a partial scholar to play football for Marist College. Fitness and health has always been apart of my life, but trust me, there was plenty ups and downs throughout. I’ve been overweight, had digestive issues, brain fog, lack of concentration and multiple other symptoms associated with poor health.

Ultimately, my focus changed once my wife was diagnosed with a gallbladder condition. She ended up having her gallbladder removed, and I felt absolutely helpless at the time. I dedicated the past 7 years of my time to study and learning about nutrition, autoimmune conditions, digestive conditions, and everything health related. I never wanted to feel like I had no control over my health or my families health.

I’m here today on a mission to help you change your life, and to give you back control over your health.

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