Kesete Thompkins

The initial concern that made our paths cross was my concern about my overall fitness and health. I was definitely overweight, but it wasn’t to a point where I was struggling to live. I knew that I wasn’t making the most informed choices when it came to my overall health, there I decided that I needed someone to help guide me through my journey towards a healthier lifestyle. I tried dieting and tried reading up on how to be healthier; however none of those things worked me. I’m usually motivated by the ‘player-coach’ relationship; therefore I knew that I needed someone to push me, to hold me accountable and to help me understand the power of options when it comes to dieting, movements, and overall fitness. All of these things, along with a challenge posed by a best friend brought me to you!

During this journey, I’ve lost approximately 12lbs.

The thing I liked most about these services were the options and the accountability. Dieting sucks!!! I’ve tried a couple and they suck. I knew that I needed to make a change, and I knew that I needed help, and I found that your services allowed me to control my own path. The fact that there were options on the table that I was comfortable with in all facets of the program was intriguing to me and it kept me pushing towards my goals. I always felt in control of what was going to happen, and frankly the results as well. I tried other coaches before, but this one was different because I believe that we connected over more than just food. The connection was genuine and the accountability was real. Never did I feel ‘less than’ or like I was being told what to do. I was always accountable to you, my coach, which you ultimately helped me understand equated to being accountable to myself and my family. As I move forward on this journey towards a better me, I know that I will look back at this month that I have worked with you and give credit to its ability to change my diet, my mindfulness, and my overall future.

As an educator myself, I am usually skeptical of those who say they are coaches, however I am living proof that your program works. I would wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone who is serious about changing their lives for the better. Your coaching is not just about food, it’s about healthy living and ensuring that you are being your best self in all of your choices. O’Neil, I thank you again for your assistance.