Regain Control is for you if…

  • 1-on-1 personal coaching is important for your success
  • You like the idea of a complete done-for-you health transformation road map
  • You struggle with sticking to a program because you don’t have an accountability partner
  • Failure is not an option!

What you get:

  • An initial 30-minute consultation to discuss your goals and challenges
  • 10-Day Transformational Nutrition Reset Cleanse Program (Included)
  • 4, 8 or 12 Weekly sessions (~45 minutes each) of in-depth transformational health coaching. Focusing on the 3 pillars of transformation: Science, Psychology, Beliefs
  • An individualized and custom health and nutrition approach that details step-by-step instructions for your specific transformation and success. I believe in bio-individuality and what works for one person may not necessarily for work for another
  • Access to me in between sessions via email or text (guaranteed response within 24 hours)
  • Countless nutrition and wellness resources to help educate and empower you along the way
  • Welcome Gift (with 12 week Coaching)
  • Discount on all future programs

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10 Day Nutrition Cleanse

The 10 Day Transformational Nutrition Reset Cleanse is for you if…

  • You want to jump start your weight-loss today!
  • You want to feel energized and lively beginning on Day 1
  • You are extremely motivated to get healthy and want to start ASAP
  • You can follow a protocol that will guarantee results
  • You want a real nutritional cleanse that can set the foundation for a healthful lifestyle forever!

What you get with the 10 Day Transformational Nutrition Reset Cleanse:

  • A complete 10-Day Step-by-Step Nutritional Reset Cleanse Guide
  • A Daily Blueprint taking the guesswork out of what to eat/drink, what time and even supplementing
  • Complete done-for-you daily meal plan & recipes
  • Grocery Shopping Guide
  • Nutritional Resources to empower on your journey

Benefits of the 10-Day Transformational Nutritional Reset Cleanse:

The benefits of this cleanse are enormous. It has been shown to:

  • Promote weight-loss
  • Detoxify the body and improve digestive health
  • Reduce inflammation in the body
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Improve gut health
  • Detoxify your mind to release stress and negativity that only serves to compound illness
  • And so much more!

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