Why you should stop taking Vitamin B12 Immediately!

Vitamin B12, or Cobalamin may be the most important of all B vitamins. A few nick names for this specific vitamin are “The Longevity Vitamin” and ” The Energy Vitamin”.

Here are some of the major benefits of Vitamin B12:

  • Essential for proper nerve function & nerve cell growth
  • Helps to form red blood cells
  • Decreases levels of homo-cysteine
  • Synthesizes neurotransmitters responsible for mood, energy, sleep, appetite and motivation

So where does B12 come from? This vitamin is made by bacteria in the intestines of animals, in a process called microbial synthesis. If this vitamin is so important, then why should you stop supplementing with it? You shouldn’t…but, what you should be aware of is the type of Vitamin B12 you are taking, or the specific form that is included in your multivitamin.

Let me explain…

What the manufacturers of supplements don’t tell you is the specific form of any given nutrient they use to formulate their product. For example, your vitamins can contain synthetic forms of specific nutrients or natural forms. Animal based vitamins, or plant-sources vitamins as well. Some are way less bio-available when ingested…ever wonder why your pee was neon green after taking a vitamin? Now, if you follow any specific type of diet or lifestyle (i.e. Vegan, Vegetarian) then you may want to do your research if you are taking supplements.

In addition to certain vitamins or nutrients being plant or animal derived, they are also packaged together with other substances. If you are taking a multi-vitamin, grab your bottle and read the supplement facts label. For the purpose of this post, scroll your finger down and read the Vitamin B12 line. It may read something like this “Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)“. This is a synthetic form of the nutrient, Cobalamin, that we are looking for, attached to something called Cyanide. If you paid attention in CHEM 101 (I definitely didn’t), you would know that cyanide is a highly toxic chemical. The reason why this is approved or legal, is because someone deemed it safe on the premise of our kidney’s being able to separate and filter out the cyanide. We can only assume this is happening, and that over time our bodies aren’t building up small amounts of toxic cyanide.

Here are a few ways to ensure that you can avoid toxic build up in your body:

  • Buy multivitamins that have a more bio-available and natural form or Vitamin B12, which is Methylcobalamin
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water (at least half you body weight in oz)
  • It’s recommended that you “detox” regularly so that your organs get a break, and a chance cleanse
  • Sweat: Exercise regularly, get some sauna action,
  • Sleep (7-8 QUALITY hours)
  • And of course eat as best you can (organic, non-processed, etc.)

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